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Welcome to Christian Man Magazine

Each month we release a digital magazine targeted to Christian men. Each issue features articles from Christian ministry leaders, current news items of interest, a blog, and interviews, and we speak each month about sexual purity. Our goal is to assist Christian men to become all that God designed them to be. 


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In this Issue

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Articles by

Logos Bible Software
Man in the Mirror
Christian Service Brigade
Iron Sharpens Iron
The Purity Coach
Character that Counts
All in Ministries
Open Door Mission
Dave Ramsay Coach
Pastor in Residence
Student Segment


Come Here for:

Porn addiction recovery help
Christian coaching
Seminar Speakers
Uplifting content
Correct theology
Book reviews
Book Excerpts



I was raised in the Jehovah’s Witnesses. My wife and I were active members until our early 20's, when we became aware of major theology issues, and so we faded away. Fast forward to 2001, when a crisis with one of our sons led us to a local church. There we found a spiritual family, and came to know the Lord. We have been there ever since. Due probably to my earlier experience, I am passionate about theology, ministry to men, and sexual purity ministry. Those are topics I explore in my Theology Simplified book series, and will continue to explore in Christian Man Magazine. 


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